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Who are we?

Marocavie is a charitable organization created in 2008. It supports social, economic and environmental projects and the rural population of the south-western Morocco.

Our commitment


Marocavie works with the help of local volunteers only, and is completely free of any political or religious affiliation.

Through our sustainable development approach, we are committed to  implement, evaluate and control our actions so that they respond  to the needs of the beneficiaries in the most effective way.

Our mission


To fulfill our mission, we work in partnership with local communities in order to:

  • improve the children's schooling conditions in rural areas,

  • promote the socio-economic development of women and their families,

  • fight against the desert spread and rural exodus.

We are primarily focusing on the principles of participation and empowerment, believing that help is successful when the beneficiaries themselves take part in the projects. 

Our values


Five values define our action. They are shared by the entire Marocavie's team:

  • Focus on the needs of the beneficiaries,

  • Use funds efficiently and effectively,

  • Be honest and trustworthy,

  • Guarantee a complete financial transparency,

  • Continuous improvement of our charitable actions.

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Marocavie is mainly funded by OLVEA Morocco, which gives the association a percentage of its turnover, and by external donations, private or public.

In order to enable us to carry out our mission and to ensure the proper use of our funds, Marocavie is managed by a team of volunteers only.


With our independence, and driven by our desire to act sustainably, we are committed to ensuring that all our funds are dedicated to our projects. Marocavie does not support operating costs, and undertakes to respect a full financial transparency with its donors

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