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Solidarity for Morocco!

Morocco has been struck by one of the most devastating earthquakes in its history, leaving many people in need.

The emergency lies in the countryside and mountains, where villages are often difficult to reach. The priority is to ensure logistical organization, to provide safety and shelter for the inhabitants, but also, it will soon be essential to embark on rebuilding efforts.

At OLVEA, we believe in the power of solidarity and commitment. To bring concrete help to Morocco, we invite you to support our charity MarocaVie, which has been supporting local populations for over 15 years.

Your donations will first enable our volunteer Moroccan colleagues at MarocaVie, to purchase essential supplies, which will be delivered to the most affected areas thanks to the coordination of the Moroccan army.

Your generosity will also play a key role in supporting MarocaVie’s projects to help rebuild villages in the Taroudant region, which has been severely affected by this earthquake.

If you want to be part of this solidarity initiative, please contact Stéphanie MICHAUT-DAUDRUY, President of OLVEA Foundation, at

MarocaVie needs you! Let's come together and mobilize for the Moroccan people, offering them a new hope!


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